2014 OFS Show

The Show Chairman Bennie Herbst next to the
Show banner- congratulations to Bennie and
his team for putting on a great Show in a new venue.

The Judges

 Well done again to Hannes for winning Grand Champion. This year with a stunning Dream Koi Sakai Sanke- the quality of this koi is extremely high and has a fantastic future.
He also won Supreme size 7 with a striking Momotaro Kohaku.

In addition he also won Jumbo A with another Sakai Sanke
And Jumbo B with an 80cm Ogata Ogon.










A video of 3 Ogata Ogons bought by Dream Koi as nisai and grown on in our new pond. Hannes’s ogon – the bigger of these 3 -grew from 55cm to 80cm in just under 2 years.

Reserve Grand Champion was a strong Sakai Kohaku supplied by Dream Koi to Bennie Herbst- well done Bennie- he also won Supreme 6 with a lovley Ogata Shusui

26cm Tosai
Junior Grand Champion