2018 South African Koi Show

The SAKKS National Koi Show was held at Cresta Shopping Centre on the 19th and 20th May up in Gauteng.

Congratulations to the Chapter and all the volunteers who gave up their time to put on a tremendous show! With great weather,over 1000 people through the gate and well over 300 koi entered, it was an extremely successful event!

Well done to Dream Koi’s clients supporting the Show and for bringing their koi.

Besides many first and second places in many of the categories these are some of the main awards that they won:-

Reserve Grand Champion went to Sean Golgoczy with an 74cm Sakai Auction Sanke:-

Superior Grand Champion went to Thinus Marais with another 74cm Sakai Sanke:-

Junior Grand Champion was won by Steve Golgoczy with a 51cm Sakai Showa.This lovely Showa also won Best Potential Size 5 and the Kevin Harrison Award:-

Jumbo A Champion went to Sean with an 85cm Momotaro Kohaku:-

Jumbo B Champion went to Nicola Rae Van Aswegen with a 95cm Ogata Chagoi. This koi also won the Best in Special Variety award:-

Supreme Champion Size 9 went to Sean with a 77cm Sakai Sanke:-

Supreme Champion Size 8 also to Sean with a 69cm Sakai Sandan Kohaku:-

Supreme Champion Size 7 to Sean with a stunning 66cm Sakai Tancho Sanke

Supreme Champion Size 5 to Steve for a beautiful 51cm Sakai Maruten Sanke:-

Well done to these guys in particular for all the work they put into getting these koi into show condition!